M/C Insurance was founded by Michael McNamee in 1991, New Haven County CT, with the goal of providing quality Insurance at affordable rates with superior customer service for the Motorcycle Community.
Michael, currently a member of PIA (Professional Insurance Association), began his career in 1971 in Hartford CT, where he developed his expertise in All Lines Insurance.
Less than a decade later Michael was a partner in a successful Ct Auto Insurance Agency.  During these years motorcycle premiums were so low that most agencies found it unprofitable to do this business; not to mention the negative stigma that was attached to motorcyclists then. At that time, he took note of increasing numbers in motorcycle policies.  Being an avid motorcyclist, custom bike building hobbyist, and passionate "old school" collector; he recognized the motorcyclists' needs.  Michael decided to create a new kind of agency that filled a void in the industry for quality motorcycle Insurance with expert advice at fair cost.  M/C Insurance was born.
From it's early development until today, M/C would be seen at all major and minor motorcycle events throughout the area. M/C quickly began gaining recognition in the Connecticut motorcycle scene as a friendly agency that truly specialized. As numbers of insureds quickly grew, M/C required a larger staff to keep up.  Michael consistently hired only agents that were also fellow motorcyclists, knowing they would apply their motorcycle knowledge to the job.  Mike continued adding additional carriers in order to secure the best possible competitive rates available. As a result of his efforts, M/C currently writes for all of the largest Recreational Insurance Carriers in the business.
Michael's vision for "M/C to become the Leading Motorcycle Agency in Connecticut" was soon surpassed by becoming the largest in New England.  As M/C gained recognition in the Eastern and Western states, it soon became apparent that this specialty was required to expand in those areas.  Thus, M/C, still the largest Motorcycle Broker in New England, now has a more recent Western States Division.
The current goal of the company: "To offer its expertise in Motorcycle Insurance in all U.S. states".  Even during these uncertain economic times, M/C has never wavered from Michael's original commitment to provide Quality Insurance at affordable rates- along with superior customer service for the Motorcycle Community.
To help expand our business, M/C has developed innovative programs, which have accurately automated and streamlined our Comparative Quoting Process.  This results in true comparative rating for our customers.
Why not see for yourself why so many motorcycle riders choose M/C!  We invite you to get a quote with M/C upon your upcoming motorcycle renewal.
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