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M/C will run your quote through all of our approved Recreational Vehicle Insurance Carriers.   Our staff will then compare the results and choose the lowest rate available for your insurance policy.

We are able to do this because M/C is an authorized agent with multiple carriers. These carriers are the best in the business having very good established track records in dealing with our customers.

Due to the high volume of policies we write, we are able to offer special insurance programs that cover a variety of motorcycles which include:

  • Custom Manufactured or Highly Accessorized motorcycles
  • Kit/Composite/State Issued Serial Numbers
  • High Performance Street Motorcycles
  • Antique Motorcycles
  • Motorcycles with Side Cars
  • Trikes

Our special High Performance motorcycle insurance programs have much lower rates than can be found elsewhere.

M/C is recommended by the largest dealers in our area because of our consistently lower rates and personalized service.   We can quickly bind policies and immediately fax/email ID cards.

So we invite you to personally find out why we are the largest Motorcycle Insurance Broker in New England.

Because We Ride!

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